Pediatric Tooth Extractions in Cibolo, TX

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Tooth extractions are one of the more invasive procedures within dentistry, but occasionally it becomes necessary for a patient to have one or more teeth removed. Our compassionate team at Cibolo Pediatric Dentistry always strives to make our tooth extraction procedures as pleasant and efficient as possible. To learn more about pediatric dental extractions or schedule an appointment with our team, please contact our front office.

Do tooth extractions hurt?

Tooth extractions are not painful, as a local anesthetic is always administered beforehand, and we offer child-friendly dental sedation services as well. If your child is anxious about their appointment or they need a few teeth removed, nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation can be used. For more complex treatment plans, the procedure may be performed using general anesthesia at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio. To learn more about our sedation options, please contact our office or visit our sedation and hospital dentistry pages.

Why would a tooth need to be extracted?

There are a number of reasons why a child's tooth may need to be extracted. Sometimes a tooth is actively causing the patient pain and problems, and sometimes it's a preventative measure to keep any potential problems from happening. Crowding the other teeth and causing damage, growing in incorrectly, tooth decay, and orthodontic treatment plans are all common reasons for teeth removal. Our team can examine your child's teeth and X-rays to determine if one or more teeth need to be removed.

What is the aftercare process like for teeth removal?

The recovery process looks different for every patient, but we recommend that you plan to have your child take at least three days off from school or work after their tooth extraction. Once they are able to return to their normal routine, you may find that they still need to eat soft foods for a week or more after treatment. They should plan to get plenty of rest in the days following their procedure. Drinking anything through a straw should be avoided during this time, as that can cause a painful complication called a dry socket.

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