Custom Sports Mouthguards for Children in Cibolo, TX

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Your child may wear a helmet or sunscreen for protection during practices and games, but what are they using to protect their smile? Custom athletic mouthguards are durable oral appliances that can prevent time-consuming, invasive, and costly restorative dental work from becoming necessary. To learn more about our mouthguards or to schedule your child’s next visit with our team, please contact our office, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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What is the best mouthguard for sports?

If your child is regularly involved in athletic activities, especially aggressive sports like soccer, football, or wrestling, a custom athletic mouthguard is a great way to protect their smile. One-size mouthguards that you can find at the store work well enough to protect teeth from dental trauma, but a custom mouthguard is designed around your child’s unique smile, which helps ensure that it will fit comfortably. When a mouthguard fits well, kids are much more likely to wear them, which means their teeth will be protected during games and practices.

How are custom athletic mouthguards created?

If your child is in need of a custom athletic mouthguard, they will need to come in for a quick visit so we can take impressions of their teeth. Once we have these measurements, a mold of their teeth is used to create the custom fit for the mouthguard. It will take a week or two for the mouthguard to arrive from the lab, after which another quick appointment will be scheduled so that they can try on the mouthguard, and we can make any adjustments necessary to ensure that it fits properly. Then, your child can take it home and begin wearing it right away!

How much is a custom mouthguard for sports?

Custom mouthguards that you receive from a dentist tend to be more of an investment than store-bought mouthguards due to their custom fit and durability. However, having a custom mouthguard created for an athletic child is always preferred over having to schedule restorative dental work due to damaged teeth or gums. Our office is very insurance friendly, and we also accept payment plans through CareCredit® for patients who want to split up the cost of their child’s care. For more information, we recommend visiting our financial page or contacting our office!

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